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Product Inspection Equipment Safety – Free Download

White Paper

Understanding safety standards and how they apply

Product Inspection Equipment Safety
Product Inspection Equipment Safety

This paper is intended as a general guide on the topic of equipment safety for users and suppliers of product inspection equipment. It should be thought of as a framework for discussion on the topic, assisting both parties in meeting their shared responsibility for equipment safety.

Standards are under continual review and modification. This document presents current thinking on the topic at the time of publication but each application presents its own unique challenges, which may require tailored solutions and interpretations.

The white paper focuses on many aspects of this important topic including:

  • What is Safe & What Do Customers Expect?
  • What is Driving the Increased Interest in Safety?
  • Standards & Safety Organizations
  • The Importance of Risk Assessments
  • What is Safe Machine Design?
  • What is Safe Electrical Design?

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The standards for equipment safety cover the full range of industrial equipment. A significant part of that is packaging equipment and a further subset of this is product inspection systems.

Manufacturers need to ensure all equipment employed in their processes is safe for use, regardless of the monetary value or the size of a piece of equipment. By reviewing and understanding the safety standards, users are able to determine which portions apply and focus on areas to provide safer products and working environments.

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