Density Measurement – How to avoid errors
On Demand Webinar

Good Measuring Practice in Density

On Demand Webinar

How to Avoid Errors and Improve Accuracy

Density measurement
Density measurement

Although digital density meters are simple to use, some care is necessary in order to obtain accurate density measurements.

This webinar explains the most frequent causes of errors and how to avoid them in order to perform correct and repeatable density measurements.


30 minutes
English ,

The following topics are covered:

  • Temperature control
    • Before filling
    • Filling the sample
  • Cleaning and drying
    • Which solvent to use for cleaning
    • Manual and automatic drying
    • Drying at room and other temperatures
  • Obtainable repeatability
    • Instrument running
    • Period of non-use
    • Interpretation of findings
  • Adjustment quality
    • Causes of bad adjustment and how to avoid them
  • Specs and tolerance (for verification and adjustment)
    • Limit of error for density
    • Limit of error for temperature
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