Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement
On Demand Webinar

Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement

On Demand Webinar

Particle Vision & Measurement for Agglomeration During Crystallization

Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement
Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement

During crystallization, agglomeration is a commonly encountered phenomenon, which can either be dealt with through process design to avoid its occurrence or to ensure it occurs consistently. In either case, in situ monitoring of the agglomeration process is necessary to identify the required crystallization process parameters. This presentation details how using data from in situ particle vision and measurement tools can be used to determine particle size and shape trends related to agglomeration. These trends are then utilized to investigate the effect of solvent selection and mixing rates to identify suitable crystallization process parameters.

Dr. Cameron J. Brown - CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub
15 Minutes

This presentation includes:

  • Problems Caused by Agglomeration During Crystallization
  • How to Deal With Agglomeration During the Crystallization Process Development Workflow
  • Stages and Levers of Agglomeration Formation
  • Methods to Monitor Agglomerate Formation
  • Solvent Effect on Agglomeration Formation
  • Hydrodynamic Effect on Agglomerate Formation
  • Other Particle Measurement Applications
    • Sizing Method Development:  Imaging Cell Inline of Diffraction Cell
    • Scale-Down Tests in High-Throughput Platforms

Agglomeration behavior is tracked through basic image analysis.  Range of agglomeration behavior is observed in different solvents: rapid agglomeration, slow agglomeration and no agglomeration.  Behavior consistent when scaling by bulk shear.  Solvent/surface interactions can overcome hydrodynamic focus.

Agglomeration & Crystallization Using Particle Measurement
Dr. Cameron Brown

Guest Presenter

Cameron Brown is a Research Fellow for the EPSRC Future Manufacturing Research Hub in Continuous Manufacturing and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC) at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.  He received his PhD and MEng in Chemical Engineering from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, where he continued both research and teaching roles in particle technology before joining University of Strathclyde in 2014.  His research interests include image analysis for particle size and shape, population balance modeling and systems and unit operation design approaches.  His recent research focused on system wide approaches to crystallizer design and pharmaceutical production through the use of digital tools.

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