Laboratory Ergonomics - Tips and Tricks
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Laboratory Ergonomics

Know How

Maintain your well-being and comfort in the lab

A lot of ergonomic advice begins to sound the same: keep your instruments close so you aren't overextending your arms, make sure you are working in a neutral position, and try not to bend and crane your neck while looking down for hours on end. But what about actual stretching advice to effectively help with longevity to last throughout your work day?

While we tend to think of an ergonomics keyboard or a standing desk when it comes to improving working conditions, ergonomic practices apply to many facets of our lab workspaces as well. This free poster will serve as a reminder for everyone in your lab to get up and stretch! 

Tip: Gently pull your elbow across your chest toward your opposite shoulder. Hold for 10 seconds and relax. Do this for both shoulders a couple times.

Take your eyes off your projects for a moment and focus on your health! Download your free poster from Rainin featuring easy to remember ergonomic stretches.

Learn more about Rainin pipettes, all of which are created with ergonomics in mind, and all of the other high quality products we supply that help people working in labs around the world to discover new advances in science. 

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