X-ray Inspection of Canned Foods

All You Need to Know About X-ray Inspection of Canned Foods


Discover how to protect your brand and your customers from substandard products

X-ray inspection of canned foods
X-ray inspection of canned foods

Our infographic provides manufacturers with an overview of the canned food industry and explains the full benefits of x-ray inspection. It outlines the:

  • Current state of the canned food marketplace
  • Typical canned food applications and formats
  • Benefits of using canned packaging
  • X-ray system canning inspection capabilities

In addition to detecting foreign body contaminants in canned foods, x-ray inspection technology provides:

  • Fill level inspection
  • Product and packaging presentation examinations e.g. damaged or dented cans
  • High speed rejection for quick, accurate removal of substandard products
  • Insertion verification e.g. detecting scoops or inserts within cans
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