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The 7 Most Asked Questions about Melting Point in the Pharmaceutical Industry


Benefit from Our Tips on How to Achieve Compliance for Local and International Pharmacopoeias

Common melting point questions
Common melting point questions

Melting Point is the thermal value most frequently used to characterize solid crystalline substances used in the preparation of medications. Based on the melting point of a substance, samples can be tested for purity and identity at the same time, (providing essential insights into product/substance quality, consistency and safety.)

We compiled the answers to the most asked questions about melting point in the pharmaceutical industry in a simple document, including tips on how to achieve top accuracy and compliance, meant for local and international Pharmacopoeias.

Questions answered in the booklet include:

  • What is the capillary method stated in the Pharmacopoeias?
  • What is the open capillary method for slip point determination?
  • What is the melting point and melting range?
  • How to achieve compliance with 21 CFR Part 11?
  • And many more

There is also a bonus page on good sample preparation that is included.