Food Productivity Guide: 16 Areas for Improvement


Weighing fundamentally impacts manufacturing productivity across the entire operational value chain.

Effective selection of the right weighing technology, appropriate processing of the raw data, and easy connectivity to your production planning or plant automation systems are basic requirements for efficient engineering, production, and quality management.

The third edition of our food productivity guide offers 16 ways METTLER TOLEDO can support you in boosting your productivity across 5 key areas:

✓ Material receiving

✓ Inventory control

✓ Production

✓ Packaging and filling

✓ Distribution

Across these areas, the guide helps to identify opportunities for improvement and offers comprehensive recommendations for adapting processes, selecting the right equipment, and developing appropriate standard operating procedures (SOPs) and calibration procedures. Checklists and return on investment (ROI) calculators are included to focus your resources in the right areas and drive informed investment decisions.

Regardless of your role in food production, we have solutions and expertise to help. The guide breaks down the larger goal of improved productivity into digestible subtopics and recommends areas of interest for the key roles in the food industry. Read the entire guide for an end-to-end optimization perspective or simply gain insights from the areas where you can make the most impact.