Pipette Calibration Software Datasheet

Simple and Compliant Pipette Calibration

Simple and Compliant Pipette Calibration

Calibry is the ideal software for managing ISO 8655 calibrations and performance verifications of single and multichannel pipettes in laboratory weighing. Its simple user interface is easy to work with, and all data is managed in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.

Calibry tracks pipettes in a database and reminds you when upcoming calibrations and routine tests are due. There are pre-defined test methods for every pipette volume, or you can create your own. Calibry provides step-by-step guidance through all procedures, ensuring tests are completed the same way each time and no steps are missed.

Calibry performs all calculations required, stores data in a secure database, and generates customizable reports for efficient and seamless calibration processes. The built-in database stores the full calibration history of each of your pipettes and comprehensive reports can be generated at any time.

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