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Life Science Toolbox


Increase the Reliability of Your Measurement Results and Avoid Repeating Experiments

The path to a scientific breakthrough tests your perseverance and skills. When it comes to analytical measurements in the lab, the slightest inaccuracy or error can jeopardize the entire research results.

The new Life Science Toolbox offers application-specific knowledge and tips & tricks in 3 key areas: pipetting, spectrophotometry and pH measurement. Increase the reliability of your measurement results and avoid repeating experiments.

Download the Life Science Toolbox today and benefit from 3 packages of knowledge:

  • Pipetting: 'The Influence of Pipetting on Experimental Results' guide, and Pipetting Techniques poster.
  • Spectrophotometry: 'Life Science UV/VIS Applications in a Nutshell' guide, Nucleic Acid Analysis poster.
  • pH measurement: 'Life Science pH' guide, 3 application notes, and the 'Tips & Tricks in Life Sciences' poster