Case Study

Acino Pharma Strives for the Best Quality

Case Study

With METTLER TOLEDO Checkweighers

Acino Pharma Strives for the Best Quality
Acino Pharma Strives for the Best Quality

Swiss company Acino Pharma AG develops and produces pharmaceuticals such as sophisticated forms of oral administration, patches and implants. When it comes to checkweighing, the innovative pharmaceutical company has the greatest trust in products from METTLER TOLEDO and relies on their inspection solutions to ensure quality.

The company use a checkweigher to inspect a variety of products with nominal weights of between 5 and 600 grams, performing up to 32 weighing procedures per minute. In doing so, the system weighs products with a weighing precision of up to 1 gram. With its 15-inch touchscreen, 200 product setup memories and weight classification in up to 7 weight zones, this checkweigher is the perfect solution for the complex tasks found in the pharmaceutical industry.

Completeness Check – Weighing Shipping Boxes Results in Reliable Data

Acino Pharma also depends on the reliability and accuracy of a METTLER TOLEDO checkweigher for a different task. In the final packaging area, a checkweigher for larger and heavier objects checks whether cardboard boxes are properly filled with pain-relieving plasters. This extremely versatile and accurate checkweigher is designed for objects up to 40 kg in weight. Its user friendly touchscreen and numerous product setup memories make it the optimum solution for all end-of-line applications requiring the ultimate in accuracy, reliability and network capability. This checkweigher achieves an accuracy of ±5 g. If it detects a box that is too heavy or too lightweight, it issues an acoustic warning signal using the alarm horn. The box is then manually removed from the production line by staff, ensuring that it is not delivered to the customer in question. This helps prevent customer complaints arising from underfilled boxes


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