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Application Editorial

Honey Multiparameter Analysis

Application Editorial

Brix, Moisture, Conductivity and pH Analysis for Quality Control

Automated honey analysis
Automated honey analysis

Did you know that when it comes to food adulteration, honey is on the top of the list?

Learn how °Brix, moisture and total solids of honey can be easily assessed. From the refractive index, it is possible to extract moisture, °Brix and % total solids. The conversion of refractive indices to the corresponding values is performed according to conversion tables.

Honey analysis according to IHC, DIN and AOAC
In this application note, we present manual as well as automated procedures for measuring refractive index, electrical conductivity and the pH of honey. This application note follows common honey standards, such as from the International Honey Commission (IHC), the European Honey Directive, DIN 10752 and the Association of Official Agricultural Chemists (AOAC).

This application note includes:

  • An introduction
  • Materials and methods
  • List of instruments and accessories used
  • Details about setup (manual and automated)
    - Refractive index
    - Conductivity and pH
  • Sample types
  • Detailed measurement procedures
  • Results
  • Conclusions


Honey Analysis via Automated Refractive Index

Watch this video to learn how brix, moisture and total solids of honey can be easily assessed.