Livre Blanc

Power the Bench - An Enhanced Strategy for Data Integrity

Livre Blanc

Laboratory Informatics Systems (LIS), such as LIMS and ELN's, are often implemented in order to improve the efficiency of electronic data collection, look-up and management reporting capabilities, by connecting all laboratory instruments to a central system.

However, direct connectivity is not always achieved in practice for a variety of reasons, with data entry and transfer often handled manually.

This white paper describes a ready-made, configurable instrument control software solution called LabX from Mettler Toledo. It incorporates the lab balances and bench-top instruments to form a single "bench top environment" at the IT foundation level. LabX is designed to deliver automatic integrated instrument management and data capture, with user guidance based on the existing SOP's. All data is captured by LabX and automatically transferred to the LIS system.

The advantages of this approach are:

  • SOP followed automatically
  • Errors or omissions avoided with manual transcription
  • Productivity and efficiency enhanced
  • Tasks (SOP's) performed consistently
  • Quality compliance
  • Weighing and analytical results improved