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Transport and Logistics News 13


All the Measurements You Need

Transport and Logistics News 13
Transport and Logistics News 13

In a high-speed sorting environment, weighing shouldn’t be the process step that slows you down. By looking at your parcel mix and choosing the optimal weighing solution, you can keep throughput at its peak.


  • Keep Throughputs at the Max
    Whatever Your Parcel Mix might Be
  • Variety of Parcel Sizes? No Problem.
    Three Solutions for Different Sorts
  • Dynamic Pallet Dimensioning Is Coming
    Are You Ready?
  • 4 Ways to Boost Efficiency
    Distribution Center Process Optimization
  • Stop Dimensioner No-Reads
    Reduce Re-Sorts, Improve Revenue
  • Quick, Easy and Error-Free
    Over-the-Counter Parcel Weighing
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