GWP Recommendation Sample Report

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Rapport Technique

GWP Recommendation Sample Report

Rapport Technique

Select a Balance or Scale That Is Fit for Your Purpose

A GWP® Recommendation helps you in selecting a weighing device that is right for you. It considers the following:

  • Maximum weight: The maximum load you weigh (including the tare container)
  • Smallest net weight: The smallest load you weigh (excluding the tare container)
  • Weighing tolerance and regulations: The acceptable weighing error, specified as ± percentage; often derived from standards and/or regulations (e.g. legal-for-trade, ISO, etc.)
  • Safety factor: Considers the environment and external device influences (e.g. vibrations, drafts, number of operators, etc.)

Download a sample GWP® Recommendation report now

Download a GWP® Recommendation sample report now