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Calculate molarity, concentration, direct titration and more with our online titration calculator.

titration calculator
titration calculator

We created this useful online titrator calculator tool so that you can enjoy effortless, reliable and quick titration calculators. Calculate the mass molarity of solid samples, concentration of acid and base solutions, concentration of diluted solutions, titrant consumption and sample content after a direct titration.

How to calculate titration?

What is Titration?

Titration is the determination of the quantity of a specific substance (analyte) contained in a sample by the controlled addition of a reagent (titrant) of known concentration based on a complete chemical reaction between the substance and the reagent.

The titrant is added until the reaction is complete. In order to determine the end of the titration, the reaction has to be monitored (indicated) by an appropriate technique. The measurement of the dispensed titrant volume allows the calculation of the analyte content, based on the stoichiometry of the chemical reaction.

The reaction involved in a titration has to be fast, complete, unambiguous and observable. The classical way of the monitoring of a titration reaction was carried out by the usage of a suitable color indicator, which changes color when the chemical reaction is complete (end of titration). Today, there is the possibility to monitor the reaction and end point by means of an electrochemical sensor.

Titration Theory Video

See the basics of titration in this video:

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