Recruitment Privacy Policy

Mettler Toledo Recruitment Privacy Notice

Last updated: May 2022

As part of recruitment processes, Mettler Toledo International Inc. and its affiliates (“Mettler Toledo”, “us” or “we") collect and process personal data relating to job applicants. We are committed to being transparent about how we collect and use personal data and to meeting applicable data protection obligations.

This Recruitment Privacy Notice (“Privacy Notice”) describes how we handle, use and protect your personal data in connection with Mettler Toledo's recruitment processes.

This Privacy Notice only applies to the personal data of job applicants, potential candidates for employment and current employees applying for another position within Mettler Toledo.


1.         What Information do we collect about you?

We collect and use the data that you provide to us directly when submitting your job application, contacting us in reference to employment opportunities, setting up your profile in our career portal, or indirectly through alternative channels (e.g. via professional recruiting firms, if you have been recommended by a colleague, or from job boards). In certain cases you may be requested, as part of the hiring process, to respond to our questions via an interviewing software and/or to record and upload audio and/or video footage for our recruiters' and hiring managers' review.

This information may include the following: your name(s), contact data, personnel IDs (for existing employees), gender, hobbies, age, preferred working hours, previous or desired compensation and benefits, information on training and professional experience, special skills and any other information you decide to share with us either in your CV, when responding to our questions, in audio or video footage or along the recruitment process. Any information you submit must be true, complete, not misleading and you must have the lawful right to provide it. If not, this may lead to a rejection of your application during the application process or disciplinary action including immediate dismissal if you have been employed.


2.         Information about Mettler Toledo

The controller of all information in the recruiting platform is Mettler-Toledo International Inc., Wilmington Delaware, Greifensee Branch, with address in Im Langacher 44, 8606 Greifensee, Switzerland. If you apply for a specific job opening, your information will be shared with the Mettler Toledo entity mentioned on the job opening you are applying for. For contact details please refer to the job opening. This entity will also become the controller of personal data processed in the recruitment process.

Several Mettler Toledo entities have a local data protection officer. For more information visit this page.


3.         Why do we collect and process your data?

Mettler Toledo processes your data for the following purposes:

  • identifying and evaluating candidates for potential employment, as well as for future roles that may become available;
  • recordkeeping and reporting in relation to recruiting and hiring;
  • communicate with you;
  • ensuring compliance with legal requirements, including diversity and inclusion requirements and practices, for instance with reference to US candidates - the annual reporting on our hiring activities to the competent US authorities;
  • conducting criminal history checks solely with regard to US based candidates, upon their prior consent, in accordance with applicable regulations.

We may also analyze your personal data or pseudonymized data to improve our recruitment process, in particular to increase our ability to attract successful candidates, in terms of overall efficiency and candidate experience.

If you would like to be considered for a job opportunity with Mettler Toledo to fulfill your request and fully evaluate your fit for employment and prepare a job offer, should you be successful, we need to process your information.

We have a legitimate interest in processing your personal data during the recruitment process and for keeping records of the process. Processing data from job applicants allows us to manage the recruitment process, assess candidate's suitability for our job openings, decide to whom to offer a job and complete the recruitment process.

In some cases, Mettler Toledo may need to process your data to ensure that we are complying with our legal obligations. For example, we might be required to check your eligibility to work in the relevant country before or within a few days of the start of your employment.

We may also need to process data from job applicants to respond to and defend against audits, investigations, complaints or claims.


4.         Who has access to your data?

Your information may be accessed by our Talent Acquisition personnel, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers working in the country where the role for which you are applying is based, and, if necessary for the application, in other countries within the Mettler Toledo group.

If you have agreed that we keep your data for further job openings, recruiters, HR managers and hiring managers within different divisions of Mettler Toledo (also outside of EU) may view your information in relation to their candidate search while looking to fill a new role.

In order to perform their jobs, individuals performing administrative functions and IT personnel within Mettler Toledo may also have a limited access to your information.

We may share personal data you submit as part of the application process with selected service providers or consultants acting on our behalf.  We use the third party service providers Avature Limited to provide a recruiting software system called Avature and HireVue Inc. to provide a platform called HireVue on demand interviewing software. HireVue Inc.'s platform allows you to record and upload video and audio footage and HireVue's terms and conditions apply to the use of its platform. We also share your personal data with other third party service providers that may assist us in recruiting talent, administering and evaluating pre-employment screening and testing, and improving our recruitment process.

We implement processes and take adequate measures to ensure that any processing of your personal data by third party service providers is consistent with this Privacy Notice and protects the confidentiality, availability, and integrity of your personal data.

In cases where we use service providers outside of EU/EEA or your data would be stored on a server outside of EU/EEA, we take precautions to ensure security of your data by signing EU standards clauses with the parties outside of EU/EEA that might be involved in processing of your data. For more information visit this page.


5.         Specific Information for Diversity Analysis

In order to comply with local laws and regulations relating to diversity or within the framework of our own commitment to a non-discriminatory diverse work environment, we may ask you to provide, separate from your application, on a purely voluntary basis, certain information such as race, ethical origin, gender, religion, belief, disability, age or sexual identity, veteran status, etc. (in the following "Diversity Data").

The Diversity Data will be used only for internal statistics, for reporting purposes (on an aggregated basis) and for improvement strategies.

The Diversity Data that you provide separate from your application within the framework of such specific diversity request is not used within the application process and will not be used as a basis for any hiring decision; is kept separately from your application and is not accessible to any person involved in your application process; is  accessible only to a limited number of individuals who do not participate in your hiring process; will be kept confidential and may only be used in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations; will, whenever possible, be handled in an anonymized or pseudonymized way.


6.         How long do we keep your information?

All data relating to a job application is maintained for a period of one (1) year following the date when the recruitment process is closed, unless a different time period is prescribed by applicable law.

If your application for employment is successful, any relevant personal data collected during your pre-employment period will become part of your personnel records and will be retained in accordance with specific country requirements and retention periods will be covered by a separate privacy notice. This does not apply to audio and video footage, which will be maintained in accordance with the first paragraph of this section.

If you have allowed us to do so, we may use your personal data to contact you regarding employment opportunities, consider you for potential future roles and to perform research. You may withdraw your consent at any time. Such withdrawal will have no impact on your current job application, however it might prevent us from contacting you in the future if a suitable position opens.


7.         Security

We take data security seriously. We have implemented technical and operational security measures in order to protect personal data from loss, misuse, alteration, or destruction.

Only authorized personnel of Mettler Toledo and of our third party service providers are provided access to personal data and such access is granted only to persons who need to have it in order to perform their tasks. These employees and third party service providers are bound with confidentiality obligations.


8.         Information, correction and deletion

To the extent provided by applicable data protection, you may have the right to (i) demand access to certain information we hold about you and correct or update it; (ii) obtain a copy of the personal data you provided to us or request us to transmit such data to another recipient; or (iii) restrict or object to the processing of your data information on legitimate grounds relating to your particular situation, or demand that your information be deleted, if it is no longer relevant or justifiable that we keep it. If you have granted us explicit consent to process your personal data for a particular purpose, you may withdraw such consent at any time. Depending on your location, you may have the right to file a complaint with a competent data protection supervisory authority if you are not satisfied with our response.               

If you would like to make a request to access, review, or correct the personal data we hold about you, or exercise any other data subject right available to you under the applicable data protection laws, please contact us at


9.         Automated decision-making

We do not make recruiting or hiring decisions based solely on automated decision-making.


10.         What if you do not provide personal data?

You have no obligation to provide your personal data during the recruitment process. However, if you do not provide the information, we may not be able to process your application.

11.         Changes to Privacy Notice

We reserve the right to amend this Privacy Notice at any time without advance notice in order to address future developments of Mettler Toledo, the site or changes in industry or legal trends. We will post the revised Privacy Notice on the site or announce the change on the home page of the site. You can determine when the privacy Notice was revised by referring to the "Last Updated" legend on the top of this Privacy Notice.