Rainin Instrument, LLC is now

Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC

Our name has changed, but everything else remains the same!

Since joining the METTLER TOLEDO family of companies 15 years ago, Rainin has grown into a truly global brand, recognized by researchers and institutes worldwide for the superior quality and performance of our instruments and consumables. To better reflect this corporate relationship, effective next Monday, Feb. 15, Rainin Instrument, LLC will become Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC.

Why is the name being changed?

The new name more clearly demonstrates our relationship with METTLER TOLEDO and makes our name consistent with other MT subsidiaries.

What is changing?

Only our name. Our Tax ID, DUNS number, bank account, addresses, etc., all remain the same.

Will the logo change?

No. All RAININ branding elements will remain exactly the same. This is simply a change to our legal name.

Are legal documents with Rainin Instrument, LLC still valid?

Yes, this is simply a name change. Because the corporate structure remains the same, so do all of our agreements. This applies to contracts, tax documents and similar types of materials. New contracts will show Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC. Business licenses, accreditations and other registrations will be updated as they renew.

How can I obtain a new W9?

Click here to download our updated IRS Form W9.

How will this affect me as a customer?

Other than updating your vendor profile, this should have no effect. If you work with other Metter Toledo companies, when processing invoices, please be sure payments are sent to the address on the invoice. POs and all other Rainin-related correspondence should be sent to our Oakland, California headquarters:

Mail:Mettler-Toledo Rainin, LLC
7500 Edgewater Drive
Oakland, CA 94621
Email Customer Service:cs@rainin.com
Email Acct's Receivable:ar@rainin.com
Fax:(510) 564-1617
Phone:(800) 4RAININ