AIWizard for Thermal Analysis Evaluations

AIWizard for Intelligent Evaluation


Autonomous Processing of Thermal Analysis Results

Evaluating measurement curves can be a time-consuming and challenging task, even for the most experienced analysts. The revolutionary artificial intelligence option, AIWizard™, makes this task incredibly easy.

The AIWizard automatically identifies and evaluates all thermal effects measured by DSC. The neural network, trained on thousands of evaluation examples, is able to determine all thermal effects. Eliminate the evaluation process and free up time to focus on making conclusions from the evaluation.

Artificial intelligence uses neural networks, which can adapt and learn beyond the limitations of a model. This enables the AIWizard to continuously improve over time, providing accurate detection of all thermal effects in future samples.


Features and Benefits of AIWizard™

  • AI analysis – autonomously identifies and evaluates all types of thermal effects
  • Expert knowledge built-in – use METTLER TOLEDO's over 350 years of thermal analysis expertise (24/7)
  • Automation with AI enabled methods – runs experiments and analyzes results instantaneously (optional: for improved efficiency)
  • Expert opinion – compare your own evaluation with the AIWizard
  • Multiple neural networks – choose a dedicated neural network trained on selected data for optimal accuracy
  • Upgradable neural networks – meet future needs with continuous additions of AI expert data