White Paper

Calibration with Robotic Mass Comparators

White Paper

Maximizes Security and Delivers the Highest Accuracy in Mass Calibration

Calibration with Robotic Mass Comparators
Calibration with Robotic Mass Comparators

Robotic mass comparators can handle a large number of weights. They maximize security and deliver the highest accuracy in mass calibration. METTLER TOLEDO was part of a collaboration to develop and design the first commercially available robotic system for weight calibration that was introduced in 1999

Robotic mass comparators are typically used by national institutes, calibration laboratories and weight producers to calibrate all weight classes from 0.05 milligrams up to 20 kilograms. A robotic system delivers better accuracy and performance than a manual comparator.

The installation of a robotic comparator system brings many benefits to its users, including:

  • Fewer errors
  • Minimized uncertainty
  • Simplified dissemination
  • Protection of valuable reference weights
  • Cost optimization
  • Boosted performance and throughput
  • Highest accuracy
  • Increased reliability

To meet the requirements of calibration managers and metrologists, many factors have to be considered by the operator and manufacturer. Our white paper gives you an overview of robotic mass comparators and the relevant factors which must be taken into consideration.