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Estudo de Caso

When Safety is Critical: Asiatic Agricultural Industries Converts to EX (Weighing Equipment for Hazardous Areas)

Estudo de Caso

Businesses grow. Weighing equipment should be adaptable to change and grow with it. This can be particularly important when plants modernize. Employee and customer safety come into stark focus. Equipment that is easy to use and always safe is critically important and must be incorporated into every operational aspect.

One company that knows this well is Asiatic Agricultural Industries Pte Ltd, which operates in Singapore. The company specializes in products and solutions that help farming operations to optimize crop yields and safeguard the well-being of livestock. Since 1972, it has worked with an extensive network of businesses in more than 25 countries throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Indian regions.

A Perfect Time to Upgrade
To ensure manufacturing safety for the company's crop protection and animal-health products, Asiatic Agricultural Industries leadership decided to convert its mix of EX and non-EX equipment to a complete inventory of EX equipment. Old scales were suffering wear and tear and would quickly start weighing inaccurately, even after calibration. It was a perfect time for an upgrade.

The upgrade would also allow Asiatic Agricultural Industries' semi-automatic processes to be more fully automatic. Legacy processes required operators to fill bags and record weight measurements by hand, which frequently resulted in common human errors.

A Solution for Productivity and Accuracy
METTLER TOLEDO regional experts recommended our ICS466x for this fill-and-weigh application. Suitable for Hazardous Zone 1, it can be outfitted with colorWeight®, an indicator which helps operators easily see when bags are under- or over-filled using colored lights. ColorWeight was a perfect substitution for tower lights or buzzers, which proved to be too difficult and expensive for the company to install. It has helped to nearly eliminate human transactional errors.

A company representative notes that leadership has been pleased with colorWeight's performance. "The display helps the operator fill faster. It is easier to read the output and it has eliminated human error."

Additionally, the scale-terminal combination allows operators to request an automatic printout when a stable weight within tolerance is reached, saving time. Material batch details can also be saved in the alibi memory for later analysis and recordkeeping.

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