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Automated Pipetting — Rainin MicroPro

Portable, Affordable 96-Channel Pipetting

MicroPro is a compact 96-channel automated pipetting system that offers precision and faster-throughput when working in 96- or 384-well formats. At 32 cm tall, 19 cm wide and weighing just 5.1 kg, Rainin MicroPro 20 and MicroPro 300 pipetting workstations are the smallest 96-channel automatic pipettes available. MicroPro wirelessly connects to a high-resolution tablet that puts powerful, intuitive functionality right at your fingertips.

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Advantages of Automated Pipetting

automated pipetting system

Simplify Protocols

From the easy tip ejection and programmable pipetting depth to precise speed control and the ability to save complex, multistep protocols, the Rainin MicroPro automated pipetting system has been designed to reduce operator error and improve reproducibility on the lab bench. Read more

semi automatic pipette

Your Research Assistant

MicroPro goes beyond simply adding and mixing reagents by offering convenient features such as aliquot dispensing, sample dilution with mixing and multi-aspirate with mixing.

automated pipettting

Save Workflows

Easily define and save a complete sequence of pipetting, instruction and timer steps to simplify work for any operator.


96 channel pipette
Download the datasheet for the MicroPro 20 and 300. Rainin MicroPro 96 channel benchtop pipettors simplify and streamline the work of 96- and 384-well...
MicroPro 96 channel pipette user manual
This user manual covers both the MicroPro 20 and the MicroPro 300 models. All functions within the app for each model are the same.
Download the MicroPro Declaration of Conformity
Download the EU declaration of conformity (DoC) for the Rainin MicroPro semi-automated pipetting system.
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Is the MicroPro automatic pipette controlled with an iPad?

Yes, the MicroPro automatic pipette is sold with and operated by an iPad Mini running the MicroPro Controller app. The app is available as a free download in the App Store. Tablet case not included.

Why are MicroPro tips set into a cartridge?

Tips are pre-loaded in a cartridge during manufacturing in order to guarantee perfect seals every time and dramatically reduce the force required to load tips in the lab. Simply lower MicroPro’s head onto a rack of tips with light pressure and MicroPro securely seals all 96 tips.

Does Rainin MicroPro work with 384-well plates?

Yes, flip the “nest” on MicroPro automated pipetting system to the 384 side and work with a 384-well plate by quadrant.

Is it easy to set pipetting depth in 0.2 mm increments on MicroPro, making it easy to lower the head to the same depth repeatedly without being careful?

Yes, with a quick “Find container bottom” step, the MicroPro automated pipetting system senses the bottom of any container. From there, tap the touchscreen to raise the head in 0.2 mm (Fine) or 0.6 mm (Coarse) increments and save the desired depth. Use the same setting over and over with the same type of container, or set different depths based on the liquid being pipetted.

Is MicroPro light?

Yes. MicroPro is the easiest benchtop 96-channel pipettor to move around the lab at just 5.1 kg – a little over 11 lbs.

Is the user manual for MicroPro super technical?

No, the user manual for MicroPro is written to be simple and clear. It’s built right into the tablet interface and is easy to navigate by touch.