Pipette Tips for Semi-Automated Pipetting | LTS | 20-200 μl
high throughput pipette tips

Pipette Tips for Semi-Automated Pipetting

Convenience and Security - Sterilized 96 Well Pipetting Tips

A pipette tip for semi-automated pipetting systems, made to fit for pipetting workstations, is designed to simultaneously transfer micro volumes of liquid into all wells of a 96-well plate. High-throughput BioClean Ultra pipette tips fit Rainin manual and semi-automated high-throughput pipetting workstations. Choose between individually-wrapped 96-tip racks or conveniently stacked refills to save space and reduce plastic waste.

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Advantages of Semi-Automated LTS Pipette Tips

high throughput pipette tips

Pre-sterilized and Aerosol-Resistant Tips

For optimal results in high-throughput pipetting, it is important to use only the highest quality tips. Rainin BioClean tips are the optimal solution for our high-throughput pipetting solutions.

high throughput LTS pipette tips

Flawless Performance

Perfect production and advanced LTS design. No deformations, no cracks, no flash - just perfect form.

high throughput LTS pipette tips

Cleaner than Sterile, Proven Bioclean

100% free of DNA, DNAse, RNAse, ATP, Pyrogens, PCR inhibitors, additives and bioactive contaminants.

high throughput LTS pipette tips

Available in Multiple Formats

High-throughput tips are available stacked or racked. Depending on the application needs there are standard, pre-sterilized and aerosol resistant tip solutions.


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