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Pallet Jack Scales

Pallet Jack Scales

Pallet Truck Scales for Maximize Efficiency - Rugged, Fast and Easy to Use

Pallet Jack Scales

1. What is a pallet jack scale? Pallet truck with scale or pallet jack scales are precise, rugged, fast and easy to use in any warehouse applicati...

1. What is a pallet jack scale?
Pallet truck with scale or pallet jack scales are precise, rugged, fast and easy to use in any warehouse application. Pallet jack scales have been engineered to provide high accuracy weighing for pallets and containers. When precise and mobile weighing is critical, pallet truck scales accurately weigh pallets easily without straining the operator. When you buy a scale pallet jack from METTLER TOLEDO, you can expect advanced features, such as a dependable scale indicator with a large and highly-visible and large LCD adjustable backlit display with keyboard. Choose a jack pallet scale from METTLER TOLEDO that will withstand regularly heavy industrial use.


2. What is the proper way to use a pallet jack?
We pay attention to every detail that operators and mangers alike require in warehouse applications requiring pallet jack scales. That includes ergonomic design, such as the ergonomic full-function handle on the pallet truck scale. It is easy to lift, easy to move and easy to weigh. Top quality wheels provide a smooth ride even over uneven warehouse floors and other bumpy surfaces. Effortless steering matters to operators, and it matters to us too. With a variety of fork sizes to meet a variety of needs, our pallet truck with scales are designed to withstand many rugged applications. Our electric pallet jack with scale offerings features a rechargeable battery for up to 95 hours of mobile operation before charging is required again. It swiftly and simply transports and weighs palletized goods of up to 4,000 pounds safely and easily. The pallet jack scales come with a reliable terminal that includes a large, easily visible display and keyboard. The keyboard features five simple and intuitive to operate keys (On/Off, Zero, Tare, Clear and Print), plus two freely definable function keys for your custom application. By speeding up your shipping and warehousing processes, mobile pallet jack scales can make a difference to your bottom line.
First, the operator needs to be trained. Second, the operator must check the pallet jack status to assure it is in a good shape. Third, the operator must operate the pallet jack according to the safety instructions in the pallet jack manual.

3. What is the best pallet jack?
While there is no single best pallet jack, high-quality pallet jacks are made by companies such as Linde or Jungheinrich. For pallet jacks that can weigh for dual efficiency, contact METTLER TOLEDO.

4. How high will a pallet jack lift?
A pallet jack scale or a pallet truck scale can typically lift 120 mm.

5. How heavy is a pallet jack?
On average, a manual pallet jack weighs about 79 kg.

6. How do you fix a pallet jack that won't lift?
Repair the pump system.

7. How do you bleed air from a pallet jack?
Keep the control lever in the LOWER position, then move the handle up and down 10 or more times. The air is expelled.

8. What kind of hydraulic oil goes in a pallet jack?
Generally, the oil is L-HV68 at 0 to 40 degree centigrade equal to ISO VG68 or L-HV46 at -10 to 0 degree centigrade equal to ISO VG46.

9. How do you pump up a pallet jack?
Push the handle down to pump up the pallet jack, then let the handle come back using the mechanical spring. This process is repeated several times to pump up the pallet jack.

10. Should a pallet jack be pushed or pulled?
A pallet jack should be pulled especially when it is loaded. When there is no load, it is also possible to reposition the pallet jack by pushing it.

11. Do you need a license to use a pallet jack?
It is necessary for you to be trained to operate a pallet jack safely, but no official license is required to use a pallet jack.

12. What is a electric pallet jack?
An electric pallet jack is a pallet jack powered by batteries contained inside the pallet jack.

13. Can a pallet jack go up a ramp?
By principle, a pallet jack cannot go up a ramp. However, if a pallet jack needs to go up an incline in a plant or warehouse situation, always make sure to pull it. When going down a ramp, pushing is the only reasonable option to control the motion of the jack.

PTA45 Pallet Scales

PTA45 Pallet Scales

The PTA45_ pallet scales are dedicated for pallet weighing in dry and wet environments
An assortment of sizes
For EURO pallets and all other formats
Choice of capacity
Weighing ranges of 300 to 3000 kg
Material selection
Mild steel galvanized or stainless steel
PTA45 Pallet Scales

The PTA45_ pallet scales are dedicated for pallet weighing in dry and wet environments


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