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    Platform Scales and Heavy Duty

    Reliable and Precise Industrial Floor Scales


    Platform scales for accurate weighing in wet and dry environments

    For heavy duty weighing in hygienically sensitive, dry or even hazardous areas, rugged METTLER TOLEDO platform scales are built for accurate weighing in challenging environments. Available in a number of standard shapes, sizes and materials and with options for portability, our platform scales also can be customized to meet your specific process requirements.

    Industrial Basics Scales
    Platform Scales
    Pallet Scales / Pallet Truck Scales / Mobile Scales
    Overhead Monorail Scales

    Industrial Basics Scales

    Platform Scales

    Pallet, Pallet Truck and Mobile Scales

    Overhead Monorail Scales

    Attractively priced bench and floor scales for basic weighing applications.
    Rugged and flexible for heavy-duty industrial weighing, our floor scales ensure your process requirements are being met—safely and accurately.
    Speed up and simplify warehouse and shipping operations with accurate movable scales
    Reliable overhead track scales and monorail HC weigh modules for precise and rapid high-capacity caracass weighing
    Simple, reliable solutions for every budget
    Withstands daily roll-on and roll-off of bulky and heavy goods
    Guaranteed precision and reliability, even under harsh conditions
    Weigh anywhere for enhanced productivity and cost savings
    Easy loading and cleaning
    Just lift or drop or push on, weigh
    Rugged construction
    Built for industrial use harsh environments
    Meet the specific requirements of your process
    Guaranteed precision and reliability, even under harsh conditions
    Highly efficient
    Easy assembly and It can not cut the bearing track.
    Industrial Catalog 2017/18
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