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XC CC CombiChecker

Double Your Product Inspection Capability for Consumer Safety and Brand Protection

The XC CC CombiChecker combines dynamic weighing capabilities and metal detection technology to provide a secure, accurate and reliable product inspection system. Both of these technologies have a long and proven track record in accuracy and sensitivity to enable production of high quality, consistent and safe products.

The XC CC has been specifically designed to fulfil the highest standards of quality assurance required by international food safety regulations with an extremely attractive price-performance ratio, enabling even less technically advanced companies to compete on equal terms with multi-national global players. The weighing capacity of up to 6000g, accuracy from 1g and the highly sensitive metal detector make this system suitable for all industry sectors and provide highest levels of effective brand protection.

Specifications - XC CC Combichecker

Load cellDMS
Accuracy (at 3 Sigma)from ± 20g
Checkweighing rangeup to 60kg
Throughput (pcs./minute)max. 80
Approval"Weights and Measures" design-approval in certain countries / MID certifiable
Product preset memories100
Weight classificationup to 5 weight zones (plus metal)
Terminal screenBright, high-contrast colour touchscreen display7" widescreen (800 x 480 px)
Standard sorting device

none (conveyor stop and alarm)

Power115 / 230 VAC, 50 / 60 Hz, single-phase ,≥ 1 500 VA

Features and Benefits

Compact design saves space
Patented metal detector and weighing technology with a short-footprint frame mean these combination systems require less valuable space.

Ease of integration
The system is complete for installation on arrival and the small footprint minimises the need for extensive production line re-engineering. This minimises downtime, reduces project completion time and considerably reduces costs.

Proven METTLER TOLEDO load cell - highly accurate
OIML certified, class 3 weighing instrument ensures precise, consistent weighing to ensure product quality.

Fast-response weighing
Quick reaction times allow for less weighing time and shorter conveyors to increase throughput and productivity.
Dual-wave metal detector for reliable brand protection
The metal detector is adjusted with dual wave frequency technology in each configuration to deliver the highest levels of sensitivity. This ensures maximum metal detection reliability and the very best in brand protection.
Single supplier for both technologies
Technical support, service and maintenance, spare parts and user-training are all delivered from a single supplier.
Intuitive, multiple language user interfaces
To maximise operator efficiency and minimise training requirements. The two operating systems provide rapid auto setup, product changeover and in-built performance verification routines for reduced production downtime.



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XC CC CombiChecker


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XC CC CombiChecker


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