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The X2 X-ray Inspection Series


Product Inspection of Small to Medium Packaged Products

The X2 X-ray Inspection Series | PDF Brochure Download
The X2 X-ray Inspection Series | PDF Brochure Download

The X2 is a high-performing series of x-ray systems designed to improve product safety through superior detection performance and enhanced product quality control. Download the brochure to find out:

  • How the X2 Series can increase product safety to protect your consumers and brand
  • Why our HiGain Detector Technology can help improve product quality alongside our ContamPlus software
  • How the X2 can boost productivity and reduce downtime with its simple and intuitive interface and front-opening design
  • and much more!

This series is designed to enhance productivity with high quality components and subsystems that deliver outstanding reliability and maximize production uptime, all while helping meet compliance standards and improving production processes.

The X2 can be tailored to fit your production line exactly how you need it. It's available in multiple line configurations in the X12 with additional customization options on the X32.

Download the brochure to learn more!

This brochure also provides valuable information about our service solutions for product inspection equipment. Keep your system running at its peak and minimize unplanned downtime with our global service network and comprehensive maintenance plans. 

The X2 Series is available with our advanced connectivity and productivity features included with ProdX quality inspection data management system software.

METTLER TOLEDO is a global provider of x-ray inspection systems which are used in a number of manufacturing facilities and industries across the world.