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CarePac OIML 10g/200g F2 Cal

CarePac.CarePac® Small 200g F2 / 10g F2 inlcuding accessories for handling and cleaning and a calibration certificate

Cost savings

Only what is needed for routine testing, two weights rather than the entire set of weights.

Option for 3rd weight

CarePacs offer the option of adding a third weight of between 1 mg and 100 g for customized testing, e.g. determination of minimum weight.

Professional accessories

CarePacs come with either ergonomic tweezers and weight forks, as well as either clean-room approved gloves and cleaning cloths.

Material No.: 30550614

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Specifications - CarePac OIML 10g/200g F2 Cal
Content (set up)
10g/200g F2
Density ρ
7950 (± 140) kg/m3
Stainless Steel
Susceptibility X
< 0.8
Calibration Certificate
Nominal Value
OIML Class
Plastic box (included)

Routine Testing

Routine balance testing maintains balance accuracy to limit the risk of working outside your specified process tolerances. CarePac® weights are specified to validate process tolerances up to 0.03%



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CarePac OIML 10g/200g F2 Cal