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Monorail Overhead Track Scale 1,250 lb

Self-Contained Track Scale

The 0990 Monorail scale is a complete weighing assembly that can be installed as part of a new or existing rail system. This overhead track scale is ideal for beef, pork, and lamb operations that use an overhead rail system to transport carcasses. The weighing unit is a section of industry-standard rail supported by two load cells.
Specifications - Monorail Overhead Track Scale 1,250 lb
Maximum Capacity 1250.0 lb
Readability 0.5 lb
Features and Benefits
  • Self-contained, no check rods to adjust
  • Rail length: 2 feet, 4 feet (61 cm, 122 cm)
  • Epoxy-painted mild steel or stainless steel structure
  • Hermetically sealed stainless steel load cells
  • NEMA 4X stainless steel junction box
  • NIST Class III 2,500d


2- and 3-D Drawings


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Monorail Overhead Track Scale 1,250 lb
FM Approved
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