Video: Contamination Detection with the X2


Learn about the advanced detection capabilities of the X2 Series X-ray systems

Contamination Detection with the X2 Series X-ray

This short video demonstrates the contamination detection capabilities of the X2 x-ray inspection system. The X2 Series is designed for the x-ray inspection of packaged products in the small to medium size range. The X2 Series offers a host of tools and capabilities to increase consumer safety, enhance product quality and improve productivity.

This short video highlights the capabilities of the X2 Series, designed to reliably detect physical contaminants in small to medium-sized packaged products.

The X2 systems use advanced x-ray inspection technology to identify hidden contaminants that can find their way into your products - including metal, glass, bone, stone and plastic - before rejecting the contaminated product from the production line and keeping your product safety and brand reputation intact.

The X2 Series X-ray Inspection systems can also perform a number of completeness checks to verify the integrity of your products, for a comprehensive product inspection experience.