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The Right Service Plan For Your Laboratory Balance


Excellent Performance on Day One and Beyond

How to Choose Service Plan For Your Laboratory Balance? Brochure
How to Choose Service Plan For Your Laboratory Balance? Brochure

Do you know that even the smallest installation mistake or configuration oversight can result in ongoing weighing errors? These errors can become magnified down the analytical or production chain, causing costly quality issues.

But with the right laboratory Service Plan you leverage your investment to ensure top performance and regulatory compliance from day one. Depending on your needs we can offer you the following balance services:

  • StarterPac: 

Professional installation for immediate release

  • IPac & EQPac:

Installation & Qualification to meet regulatory requirements including audit-proof documentation (within the scope of IQ, OQ and PQ)

  • AccuracyPac:

Goes beyond Installation & Qualification by additionally providing a customized risk-based routine testing and calibration plan to ensure consistent weighing results throughout the balance lifecycle, not just on day one

Download our brochure to find out which package best suits your needs.