Canned Food Safety & Quality Values

Discover how x-ray inspection of canned foods provides food safety and quality in this new webinar

Before goods leave the production facility, manufacturers must ensure that the food within the can is contaminant-free, of high quality and as specified on the tin e.g. - correct fill-level. To do so, manufacturers must adopt a comprehensive food safety management program in which x-ray inspection technology plays a key part. This webinar helps manufacturers to understand:

  • The benefits of utilizing canned packaging in food applications
  • Why ensuring food safety is important
  • The challenges that metal cans present to inspection technologies
  • How different x-ray inspection systems overcome challenges to provide optimum contaminant detection sensitivity
  • The additional quality control and brand integrity examinations that x-ray technologies provide


Canned packaging brings many positive attributes to the industry and consumers. Its’ sustainable properties, long shelf-life appeal and proven robustness to uphold the safety of the contained food ensures that many brand owners select it as their ideal packaging choice. Consumers can remain confident that the nutritional value of the food is locked-in and that the product is as packaged.