X37 Series – X3735

Achieving Optimum Inspection.The X3735 examines each product at two angles, thereby eliminating blind spots to ensure physical contamination detection and full integrity checks are completed at increased probability of detection (POD) levels.

Increasing Detection Sensitivity

The X3735's split beam increases the probability of detection of unwanted physical contaminants by imaging the product twice, thus minimizing blind spots.

Proving Due Diligence

All non-conforming products are removed from the production line and stored on a lockable reject table, accessible by authorized personnel only.

Enhancing OEE

Only authorized personnel can access statistics and inspection images, allowing for continual monitoring and reporting on manufacturing performance.

Material No.: 30541147

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Specifications - X37 Series – X3735
Brand Protection
Outstanding sensitivity of metal, glass, mineral stone, calcified bone and high density rubbers
Support FSMA and all GFSI codes including BRC & IFS
Ease of Use
High performance x-ray software can reduce the need for manual adjustments and the potential for human programming errors
Increased Productivity
World class reliability and OEE reporting
Conveyor Speed (dependent on product dimensions)
10-100 m/min
X-ray Detector Width and Diode Size
0.8mm diode size
Personal Care
Pet Food
Number of Lanes
Single lane
X-ray Generator
420W (84kV, 5.0 mA Glass or optional Beryllium Tube)
X-ray Beams
Split beam
X-ray Emissions
< 1uSv/hr
Reject Type
Short Stroke Pusher or airblast options
Cooling Method
Air Conditioner & Radiator Pump
Operating Temperature
5 °C - 40 °C
Power Supply
208 - 240 Vac, 1 phase, 50-60 Hz, 10 A max
15.6” LED Touchscreen display (16:9 aspect ratio)
IP rating
IP65 as Standard
IP69 available
Product Type(s)
Tall Rigid Containers
Packaging Material
Metal Can
Metalized Film
Throughput Rate (dependent on product dimensions)
Up to 800 ppm

Protecting Products at High Speeds

At line speeds of up to 800 ppm the X3735 can simultaneously inspect a product for physical contaminants and other integrity checks using our unique, proprietary x-ray software ContamPlusTM

Reaching Outstanding Detection Levels

Your brand reputation is maintained at all times, as our unique ContamPlusTM X-ray inspection algorithms optimize detection levels with each process.

Improving Inspection Results

Bespoke guide rails allow for smooth product changeovers and accurate presentation to the X3735 to facilitate accurate inspection results.

5-Year Generator Warranty

Minimize your downtime and protect the most valuable and expensive part of your inspection system, the x-ray generator, for 5 years when you purchase it with a Standard or Comprehensive Care Package.

Global Service Support

A global network of service experts provide fast remote and on-site support. Our comprehensive service offering allows you to achieve regulatory compliance, high performance, and maximum uptime throughout the life cycle of your product inspection equipment.

Enhancing Production Data Visibility

Ensure the highest levels of regulatory compliance through real-time data collection. ProdX, our PC-based software, constantly monitors and fully documents all production parameters, quality incidents, user interactions and performance verification routines.



X3735 Datasheet | Free Download
The X3735 x-ray system is a high detection sensitivity solution, with an integrated conveyor designed to inspect tall, rigid packaged products in a wi...




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X37 Series – X3735