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Industrial Weighing Catalog 2024


Solutions to Maximize Yield and Simplify Your Job

Our Industrial Weighing Catalog will help you quickly envision an efficient, cost-effective solution that meets all your weighing and processing needs. Our complete product family combines the broadest range of globally approved and supported industrial weighing and processing solutions to help you meet your toughest manufacturing challenges and obtain:

✓ Sustainable accuracy with high uptime

✓ Reduced waste and bad batches

✓ Better fill/quality control

✓ Easier regulatory compliance

✓ Effortless data management

✓ Seamless traceability

Industrial catalog highlights 2021-2022
Industrial catalog highlights 2021-2022

Your Complete Product Resource

Many of our products can be integrated directly into ERP systems. The full product offering covered in the catalog includes:

New Product Highlights

In the first few pages, you will find product highlights. Corresponding page numbers send you right to the source for details. These highlights include:


Envisioning the perfect industrial weighing and processing solution has never been easier. Download your free catalog to create your ideal manufacturing, quality control, logistics and service solutions.

Supporting Continuous Improvement

As your complete guide to our weighing, processing and service solutions, the new Industrial Weighing Catalog will help you decide which precision instruments and services will meet your needs for accuracy and uptime in quality control, production and logistics. We look forward to helping you continue to enhance your organization’s productivity via our value-driven, easy-to-implement and highly intuitive products and services.