Different Dynamic Weighing Solutions for Parcels : METTLER TOLEDO
Dynamic Scale
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Dynamic Scale
Dynamic Scale

XS100 DualScale – Mind the gap for high throughput

High-speed dual scales keep throughput high when you deal with many parcel sizes. Software determines which weighing belt to use and optimizes the gapping between parcels.

  • Process up to 18,000 parcels an hour
  • Maintain excellent measuring results in tough conditions
  • Achieve cost-effective integration into any sorting system 
Dynamic Scale
Dynamic Scale

TLX – Automatically measure non-conveyables

Specially designed DWS solutions with an extra-wide belt automate the process of weighing and measuring items that cannot be sent through the main sorter.

  • Quick and easy processing of long, bulky or fragile freight
  • Seamless integration with other data management systems for ease
  • A standalone design that is easily integrated with roller conveyors or x-ray machines
Dynamic Scale
Dynamic Scale

TLW250 – Speed up smalls handling

Specially designed smalls solutions minimize the time an object needs to be on the weighing belt, optimizing throughput while saving valuable space.

  • High throughput from a small-footprint system
  • Smooth parcel transfer to ensure small packages don’t get stuck
  • High weighing precision when detecting and measuring the smallest objects 

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