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Glass reference electrode

Glass reference electrode suitable as an electrical reference in ion selective measurements as well as for pH or metal half cell electrodes both in aqueous and non-aqueous media.
Spezifikationen - DX200
Kurzbeschreibung Glass reference electrode
Anwendungen ISE / acid/base aqueous / acid/base non-aqueous
Messbereich mV -2000 … +2000 / pH 0-14
Temperaturbereich 0-80 °C
Länge 172.5 mm
Shaft diameter 12 mm
Artikelnummer 51089935
Features and Benefits
  • Double junction construction
  • Movable ground glass sleeve junction
  • Variable bridge electrolyte to adapt electrode performance to the sample matrix
  • ARGENTHAL™ reference system
  • KCl 3 mol/L AgCl sat (reference electrolyte),  KCl 3 mol/L, KNO3 1 mol/L and Al2(SO4)3 0.9 mol/L (bridge electrolytes) included in standard delivery
  • Integrated glass sleeve for secure fixation in the titration head
  • Integrated connection cable
  • Individual quality certificate
  • Unique serial number


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