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Prevent Injuries With Good Pipetting Ergonomics

Prevent Injuries With Good Pipetting Ergonomics
Prevent Injuries With Good Pipetting Ergonomics

Pipetting ergonomics is critical for reducing and preventing repetitive strain injuries (RSIs). Our new web page with videos, white paper, poster and a quiz can help you mitigate your risk of RSIs.

Several factors degrade pipette comfort, leading to painful ailments known as RSIs – repetitive strain injuries. To help you better understand and mitigate these risks, METTLER TOLEDO has a new lab ergonomics page featuring a downloadable white paper, videos and a new "Stretch" poster with a stretching routine specifically designed for people who do bench work.

Ergonomic scientists have recently published a number of papers that address potential problems associated with pipetting. A common theme among all studies: Pipetting is a forceful and repetitive activity and there is a strong association between pipetting and the occurrence of repetitive motion injuries. In fact, over the course of a year, pipetting for just over an hour a day is enough to put you at risk, the chances of which increase dramatically with workload and age.

By knowing when and where you are at risk, you are in a much better position to reduce or even eliminate this health risk.

Here are some helpful tools:

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