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RSVR 2.2ML SQ Well LR-P2-96P-5

Liquidator deepwell block.Deepwell plate for high-throughput workflows, 2.2 mL max. volume, 96 square wells with pyramidal bottoms, non-sterile, 5 per pack (LR-2-96P-5)

2.2 ml , SBS format 96-deepwell block

2.2 ml 96-deepwell block for use on the Liquidator deck. SBS format. Non-sterile 5-pack. Autoclavable.

Certified nuclease and pyrogen free.


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Các thông số - RSVR 2.2ML SQ Well LR-P2-96P-5
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RSVR 2.2ML SQ Well LR-P2-96P-5
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