E4 Multi Pipette E8-300XLS+ - METTLER TOLEDO

E4 Multi Pipette E8-300XLS+

The Future of Pipetting-Now.E4™ XLS+ 8-channel pipette, 20-300 μL, uses LTS™ LiteTouch™ tips. Consistent sample pickup, all channels. Simple operation, advanced modes. Password-protection (E8-300XLS+)

Stress-free multichannel pipetting

Lightweight, with the lowest tip ejection forces and supreme precision across all channels, E4 XLS+ is ideal for high-throughput multichannel workflows, providing stress-free pipetting all day.

Unsurpassed Functionality

Intuitive operation with joystick graphical navigation. Multiple modes for any pipetting needs. Save favorite protocols to reduce workflow and errors.

Complete compliance and configurability

Password protection of settings, protocols and service alarms for SOP adherence and GLP/GMP compliance. Tailor the pipette configuration for any task.

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Speed Your Workflow

For high-throughput work, nothing compares with the E4™ XLS+™ Multichannel. Fast loading, easy to handle and absolute precision and consistency across all channels are Rainin hallmarks. Increase your productivity and speed your workflow with Rainin's most fully featured and easy-to-use electronic pipette.

Pipette settings, protocols and service alarms can be password protected for GLP/GMP compliance. What's more, GLP data, such as service records, cycles and status data is completely tamper proof.

Your data is everything – trust the E4 XLS+ multichannels to deliver!

Các thông số - E4 Multi Pipette E8-300XLS+
Volume Range
20 µL – 300 µL
Increment (electric)
0,2 µL
Accuracy ±
30 µL : 2,5 % / 0,75 µL ; 150 µL : 0,8 % / 1,2 µL ; 300 µL : 0,8 % / 2,4 µL
Precision ±
30 µL : 1 % / 0,3 µL ; 150 µL : 0,25 % / 0,375 µL ; 300 µL : 0,2 % / 0,6 µL
Tip Technology
LiteTouch System LTS
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Phụ tùng

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E4 Multi Pipette E8-300XLS+
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