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Trong lĩnh vực đo lường khối lượng, đòi hỏi phải đạt được độ chính xác cao nhất khi thực hiện phép cân. Cân so sánh XPE Micro cung cấp đủ các dải cân với độ chính xác cao nhất. Phần mềm hiệu chuẩn MCLink thông minh sẽ hướng dẫn cụ thể suốt quá trình thực hiện, đồng thời còn giúp kiểm soát cân suốt quá trình hoạt động. Do vậy, người thực hiện chỉ cần tập trung vào việc thao tác với quả cân. Cửa lồng kiếng cũng tự động đóng mở giúp quá trình làm việc đơn giản, nhanh chóng, cho kết quả tin cậy hơn và giảm thiểu mệt nhọc cho người sử dụng.

High Accuracy Mass Comparators
AX Manual Mass Comparators – the Ultimate Choice
XPE Manual Mass Comparators – where the Smallest Difference Counts
MC Link Mass Calibration Software
Minimal Eccentricity Error
ATEX Approved Versions
Environmenal Recording
Draft Shield

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Comparator Balances Brochure
Our complete range of Vacuum, Automated, Robotic and Manual Mass Comparators, including Volume, Density, Magnetism, Weights, Software Solutions and Wo...
Calibration with Robotic Mass Comparators
Maximize security and deliver the highest accuracy in mass calibration with METTLER TOLEDO's Robotic Mass Comparators. Robotic mass comparator can han...
Brochure : Software Solutions for Mass Calibration
Clever, innovative software solutions, from stand-alone to networked systems supporting Manual, Automated and Robotic Mass Comparators.
Efficient Mass Calibration Software
This white paper will be of interest to anyone involved in mass calibration activities, from National Metrology Institutes (NMI's) to private calibrat...
Brochure : ComparatorPac™ - Weight Calibration Solutions
Complete Mass Laboratory Solutions - Mass Comparators, Software and Weights

More Information

Datasheet : XPR Ultra Microcomparator
The XPR ultra microcomparator comes supplied with our MC Link weight calibration software to provide seamless calibration processes with 100% data int...
Datasheet : Peak Performance up to 520g
METTLER TOLEDO micro comparators guarantee top measurement performance and full traceability of weighing results. Thanks to the hanging weighing pan,...
Datasheet : AX2005 Comparator
Extremely convenient to use. A touch of the finger is enough to activate the setting of the weighing parameters.
Datasheet : Allrounders up to 10 kg
METTLER TOLEDO XPE-SC comparators are equipped with the highly accurate MonoBloc weighing cell, guaranteeing everyday world-class performance up to 10...
Datasheet : Precision and Flexibility Transportable Accuracy up to 64kg
Bring along the transportable XPE64002LC-T comparator with its innovative sturdy flight case design and perform weighing applications or calibrations...
Datasheet : Peak Performance up to 64 kg
Thanks to a resolution of up to 26 million points and the LevelMatic mechanism, measurements can be perfomed rapidly whilst maintaining peak accuracy...
Datasheet : Efficiency and High Precision up to 5400 kg
Weighing loads up to 5400 kg with a high readability is easily achievable. METTLER TOLEDO XPE-KC and XS-KX comparators guarantee top measurement perfo...
Datasheet : MC Link - Efficient Mass Calibration Software
The all-in-one software solution for Mass Calibration laboratories of all sizes.
User Manual : Comparator Balances XPE56/26/205CDR/505
Short Instruction for the XPE56/26/205CDR/505 Comparator Balances for simple effective instrument operation.
User Manual : Comparator Balances XPE-S/XPE-L models
Short Instruction for the XPE-S/XPE-L mass comparator for simple effective instrument operation.
User Manual : Comparator Balances XPE-KC
Short Instruction for the XPE-KC mass comparator for simple effective instrument operation.
Operating Instructions : Excellence Micro- Ultra-Micro Balances
Operating Instructions for the XP6U mass comparator covering weight comparisons up to 6g at top accuracy.
Operating Instructions : Comparator Balances XPE56/26/205CDR/505
Operating Instructions for the XPE-C mass comparator covering weight comparisons up to 520g at top accuracy.
Operating Instructions : Comparator Balances XPE-S/XPE-L models
Operating Instructions for the XPE-S/XPE-L mass comparator
Operating Instructions : AX12004 Comparator Balance
Operating Instructions for the manual, two position AX12004 mass comparator covering weight comparisons up to 10 kg at highest accuracy.
Operating Instructions : Comparator Balances XPE-KC
Operating Instructions for the XPE-KC mass comparator covering weight comparisons up to 6000 kg at top accuracy.
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