Moisture Sample Handling Accessories
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Moisture Sample Handling Accessories

For reliable and accurate moisture determination results

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Aluminum Sample Pans

Aluminum sample pans ensure optimal testing conditions for all applications. Only use clean and dry sample pans for moisture determination. Use them only once to guarantees reliable measurements free from the influence of residue remaining from previous samples.


Glass Fibre Filters

Glass fiber filters for measuring samples with a high moisture content. They prevent film building and reduce measurement time of liquids by up to 50% by enlarging the sample surface and distributing the sample evenly.


Special Accessories

The 100% gold-covered weighing cage is one example for a special weighing pan with a lid, which enables optimal moisture measurement of textiles and bulky samples. Another accessory for demanding applications is the downholder which ensures that glass fiber filters remain in the correct position, even if the samples tend to shrink during drying.


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FAQ - Moisture Sample Handling


1. Which sample preparation and handling steps need to be considered for good moisture results?

The key to correct moisture determination is correct sample preparation, handling and distribution in combination with the right Moisture Analyzer. Samples need to be homogeneous and small, typically weighing  3-5 g. Depending on your sample, crushing, grinding or shaking can be the appropriate procedure to homogeneous samples. An evenly spread sample on the moisture sample pan results in a homogeneous distribution of heat throughout the sample so the moisture can diffuse evenly out of it.


2. Why is the aluminum sample pan a disposable product?

Aluminum sample pans play a vital role in the accuracy of a moisture content measurement. Even for samples that can be removed easily, be aware that tiny residues always remain. To avoid false results, change your sample pan regularly. Furthermore, alu sample pans that have been deformed by multiple reuse, prevent an even distribution of samples and thus heat. 


3. What do I have to consider when analyzing the moisture or dry content in liquids?

Use glass fiber filters and aluminum sample pans for moisture analysis in samples with a moisture content above 30%, typically liquid or paste samples. The glass fiber filters reduce the measurement time of liquids by up to 50% by enlarging the sample surface area and distributing the sample evenly. Another advantage of the glass fiber filters is that they prevent film building of paste samples e.g. those with a high sugar content.


4. What other accessories for moisture analyzers are available and what is it used for?

The steel pan with 15mm height is used for samples with a large volume that require a higher sample capacity, e.g. plastic pellets. For samples that have a tendency for bending or shrinkage during the moisture determination process, the downholder is the right accessory to keep the glass fibre filter in the correct position. The 100% gold-covered weighing cage (HA-cage) is a special weighing pan with a lid, which allows optimal moisture determination in textiles and bulky samples.