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White Paper

HPIP with Rainin PureSpeed Tips

White Paper

Fast, highly concentrated protein: High Performance IP with PureSpeed

Immunoprecipitation (IP) is a commonly used molecular biology technique where an antibody and antibody-binding resin are used to capture a specific antigen protein towards which the antibody has affinity. The High Performance Immunoprecipitation system, developed by Rainin, is a new technology for IP that simplifies binding, washing, and elution of the antibody and antigen protein.

The system relies on two components:

  1. PureSpeed Protein tips, that contain a small volume of protein A or protein G resin constrained at their distal end by nylon frits, 
  2. A programmable E4 XLS electronic pipette, and carries out repetitive, semi-automated up-and-down pipetting to aspirate and dispense antibody, antigen, and buffer solutions over the constrained resin.


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