An Introduction to Liquidator 96 - METTLER TOLEDO
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Webinar - On Demand

An Introduction to Liquidator 96

Webinar - On Demand

Introducing Liquidator 96™, a personal benchtop pipetting system that is always ready to use! Incredibly fast, Liquidator 96 adds quality features to high-throughput pipetting with many applications including:

  • Plate & mother-daughter replication
  • Reformatting from 96 to 384 well
  • Washing steps
  • Dilutions
  • and ELISA/ EIA

This webinar gives an overview and detailed advice on the following topics:

  • Overview of Liquidator 96 features
  • Basic workflows
  • Life science applications
  • Available accessories
  • And many more

Learn more about the Liquidator 96 Benchtop Pipetting System.

23 Minutes
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