Handle Risks and Errors in Pharma Records, Get Some Guidance
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The Flexibility of Compliance and What If …? Part 1/2

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Handling Risks and Errors in Pharma Records

risks and errors in pharma records
risks and errors in pharma records

Bob McDowall, experienced auditor, consultant and author of many books and papers around Electronic Records and Data Integrity Compliance for Pharmaceutical Industries.

Handling Risks and Errors in Pharma Records - there should be procedures to stay compliant. With their focus on Data Integrity, regulation authorities are ever pushing the pharmaceutical industries towards electronic records. The number of FDA warning letters with citations of data integrity violations reveal that not every pharma company interprets the rules correctly and with an acceptable risk management policy.

Conservative practices might overlook the dynamic of regulations and might end in incompliance just because the interpretation of rules have evolved.

Cost of webinar: the participation is free of charge.

To learn more about the ways to interpret Pharma Regulations.

Bob McDowall and Christoph Jansen
ca. 50 minutes
Thu Nov 25 2021 08:00 +0000 [ English ]
Thu Nov 25 2021 16:00 +0000 [ English ]

In this Webinar we will discuss with Bob McDowall:

Part 1/2

  • Introduction
  • The flexibility of compliance; Aspects about interpretation of pharma regulations and it's dynamics.
  • What are the risks for paper records today?
  • Critical aspects about USP methods that base on observation.
  • Blank Paper forms and the administrative overhead.
  • How should you assess the cost of compliance versus risk?


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