Process Analytical Technology (PAT) for Bioprocess Optimization
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PAT for Bioprocess Optimization

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Data-Rich Experimentation to Ensure Efficiency, Yield, Purity and Cost Objectives

downstream processing ppt
downstream processing ppt


  • Cell culture media solution preparation: in-process characterization and tech transfer to CMO
    Yue Hu, Ph.D | Senior Scientist | Material Sciences | Biotherapeutics Development & Supply, Janssen R&D, LLC
  • In-Line Particle Monitoring for Efficient Ultrafiltration / Diafiltration Process Development in Downstream mAb Purification
    Samantha Keller | Associate Scientist | GlaxoSmithKline Biopharm Drug Substance Process Development
  • A Rapid and Data-rich Centrifugation / Depth Filtration Process Development in Downstream mAb Purification
    Amelia Burke | Senior Scientist | GlaxoSmithKline Biopharm Drug Substance Process Development

Each presentation will be followed by a live Q&A session with the presenter.

This free online event is for scientists and engineers who are interested in improving process performance by identifying, understanding and optimizing critical process parameters involved with processing of Drug Substances (DS), vaccines, excipients and/or bio conjugates.  

Key Topics

  • In-situ, real-time characterization of particle system composition, size and distribution, morphologies and transformations as a function of CPPs
  • Characterization and scale-up of process conditions which mitigate upsets and maintain high product yield
  • Overcoming the challenges associated with offline analytical techniques (including inaccuracy and time-delays)
  • Monitoring unit operations such as purification, chromatography, buffer exchange, up-concentration and formulation 
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Wed Jul 27 2022 15:00 +0000 [ English ]

Who Should Attend?

  • Analytical Chemists or Engineers who support Bioprocesses
  • Process Development Scientists
  • CMC Engineers
  • Bioprocessing Engineers
  • Downstream Development Scientists
  • Director of Process Analytical Technology
  • Conjugation Scientists
  • VP/Director of Biologic Development
  • VP/Director of Bioprocessing
  • VP/Director of Process Development
  • VP/Director of Biomanufacturing
  • VP/Director of Bioproduction
  • VP/Director of Biologics
  • Chief Scientific Officers

*There is no cost to attend but registration is required, and space is limited.


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