DataBridge Express Application by METTLER TOLEDO
DataBridge Express

Unattended driver terminals have gained popularity as a common method of processing weight transactions at the truck scale, bringing convenience and automation to improve throughput and reduce costs.

METTLER TOLEDO's IND9U-T touchscreen terminal makes unattended transactions easier than ever with a bright touchscreen interface and the ease of selecting options from a few menus on the screen with a simple touch. And now, the DataBridge™ Express mobile application takes this ease one step further.

With the DataBridge™ Express mobile application, drivers respond to the prompts via their Andoid, iOS, or Windows device using a personalized identification. This allows them to access data and process transactions from inside their truck with a few simple taps on their screen. Plus, DataBridge Express integrates seamlessly with DataBridge™ MS Scale Management Software to automate your entire vehicle-weighing operation.

DataBridge™ Express solution will work best with customers who have company-owned or "trusted trucks" on contract with a specific site as an alternative to the traditional IND9U-T terminal and provides the following benefits:

Increase throughput and safety of truck operations

  • The driver does not need to exit the truck to complete the transaction
  • Personalized identification provides secure access and prevents fraud

Reduce cost of labor and operations

  • Reduce cost by eliminating the need to staff the scale house operations
  • Allow for 24 hour, 7 days a week operation

Reduce acquisition costs

  • Acquisition cost reduction of ~75 percent compared to the traditional unattended driver touch terminal
  • Basic and advanced options provide pricing flexibility, traffic workflow, and anti-cheating capability

Eliminate paperwork

  • Reduce the cost of paper by eliminating paper receipts
  • Electronic tickets can be obtained on-demand and are sent via email to the driver's mobile phone

If these benefits still don't have you convinced that unattended solutions are for you, try our free ROI calculator to see how much you could save and how much you could earn by making the change. You might be surprised!

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