PS IEX 1 mL/20 µL St-Ca 12-pk PT-10-SC20 - Overview - METTLER TOLEDO

PS IEX 1 mL/20 µL St-Ca 12-pk PT-10-SC20

Ion Exchange in a 1000 μL Tip.PureSpeed™ sample preparation tip for ion-exchange, tip volume 1000 μL, 20 μL of resin. For use with E4™ XLS+ pipettes. Strong cation exchange. 12 tips per pack (PT-10-SC20)

Superior Purity and Concentrated Protein

Improve your workflow with E4-XLS and PureSpeed tips containing 20ul of Strong Cation Exchange resin in 1000 ul pipette tip

Parallel processing of 1-12 samples

PureSpeed streamlines Ion Exchange purification. Faster than conventional methods and flexible. Perform multiple purification variables in parallel

Works with microliter-milliliter sample

Maximum flexibility for different starting volumes

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Faster, More Flexible Ion Exchange
PureSpeed Ion Exchange tips speed purification and simplify production of high-quality, highly-concentrated protein and biomolecule samples.

Our new PureSpeed Ion Exchange tips both speed and simplify your workflow, producing high-quality, highly concentrated protein and biomolecules. Four available resins and a customizable PureSpeed protocol built in to the E4 XLS pipette provide researchers with a complete set of tools for fast and efficient ion exchange purification.

Fast and Flexible
PureSpeed's efficient process can purify samples in less than 10 minutes, with many options for biomolecule purification. Strong and weak anion and cation exchange can enhance any purification.

Unlike traditional purification techniques, the PureSpeed system can purify 8 or 12 samples in parallel using the semi-automated program on Rainin's E4 XLS pipette.

Multivariable Optimization
PureSpeed offers the unprecedented capability to scan multiple different resin and buffer conditions in parallel for multivariable optimization.

Specifications - PS IEX 1 mL/20 µL St-Ca 12-pk PT-10-SC20
1,000 µL
Maximum Volume
1,000 µL
Protein Purification
12 tips per package
Resin Volume
20 µL
Tip Technology
LiteTouch System LTS
Material Number(s)


Electronic Multichannel Pipette E4 XLS

Multichannel electronic 100-1200 μL volume pipette

Material No.: 17014498

Multichannel electronic 100-1200 μL volume pipette

Material No.: 17014499

PureSpeed Accessories

Accessory kit contains a micro SD card, base, deepwell plate, adapters for 200 and 1200 multichannels, ColorTrak guide and manual.

Material No.: 17012588

Single Channel Electronic Pipette


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PS IEX 1 mL/20 µL St-Ca 12-pk PT-10-SC20
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