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PS C18 20 µL LTS Tips 12-pk PT-LC18-12

PureSpeed Desalting LTS Tip with C18 resin. PureSpeed™ sample preparation tip with C18 resin for desalting, 20 μL max. volume, for Rainin pipettes with LTS™ LiteTouch™, 12 tips in 1 package (PT-LC18-12)

Superior capacity and sequence coverage

Improve your mass spectrometry data with E4-XLS and PureSpeed C18 desalting tips

Parallel processing of 1-12 samples

Higher desalting capacity, sequence coverage for less cost - manual or electronic pipette

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Complete Rainin PureSpeed C18 Desalting Tips line see here


Experience the PureSpeed difference!
With greater desalting capacity and less ergonomic strain, Rainin's PureSpeed C18 Desalting Tips are superior to other technologies.

Their greater yield translates into higher peak intensity in mass spectrometry and better data. And with either a manual or electronic multichannel pipette, users can quickly and easily desalt up to 12 samples in parallel. The one-step desalting procedure and low elution volume enable these tips to deliver clean, highly concentrated sample. Available in universal and LTS tip formats.

Highest Capacity
Compared to other desalting tip technologies, PureSpeed C18 Desalting Tips offer the highest peptide capacity – >10 µg. This is critical in generating high-intensity sample spectra during mass spectrometry experimentation.

Better Sequence Coverage
PureSpeed C18 Desalting Tips show minimal loss and higher resulting sequence coverage in mass spectrometry experiments compared to competing technologies. Simply put, PureSpeed provides superior data.

Specifications - PS C18 20 µL LTS Tips 12-pk PT-LC18-12
Volume 20 µL
Maximum Volume 20 µL
Parameter Desalting
Quantity 12 tips per package
Tip Technology LiteTouch System LTS
Material Number(s) 17014043


Electronic Multichannel Pipette E4 XLS

Multichannel electronic 2–20 μL volume pipette
Multichannel electronic 2–20 μL volume pipette

Manual Single Channel Pipette

Multichannel Pipettes

Multichannel manual 2–20 μL volume pipette
Multichannel manual 2–20 μL volume pipette

Single Channel Electronic Pipette E4 XLS

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PS C18 20 µL LTS Tips 12-pk PT-LC18-12


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