Software for Balances

Software for Balances

Security and Process Efficiency in a Lab



How does LabX facilitate ensuring data integrity?

LabX is an innovative laboratory software, which allows full traceability and p...

How does LabX facilitate ensuring data integrity?

LabX is an innovative laboratory software, which allows full traceability and process security. Complete data, including metadata, is securely stored in a central database, and can be accessed instantly. Thanks to that, ALCOA+ requirements are fullfilled and you are audit-ready anytime.

Can I centrally control my instruments with LabX?

Yes. Thanks to LabX, you are able to centrally monitor and control your instruments, to be sure that they work flawlessly and that the results generated meet predefined process tolerances.


Quality Assurance

Mass comparators and climate sensors are installed with a click and do not require IT expertise. Built in quality assurance tools ensure continuous regulatory compliance through monitoring of comparator performance and laboratory climate. Seamless communication between manual mass comparators and MC Link cuts calibration times while improving process quality. 

Compliance Through Customizable Processes

MC Link weighing methods and uncertainty analysis are designed in compliance with international metrology guidelines such as OIML R111, NISTIR 6969, JJG 96-2006 and GM-P8. Modular method design facilitates adaption of process and uncertainty calculations to meet local regulations and specific laboratory needs. All data is transferred digitally, preventing the risk of transcription errors. Predefined certificate templates allow printing  directly from the software.

Additional Options

Boost productivity with the following options:

Multiplace Upgrade : Network with more than one computer

Barcode Option: Print barcode labels, scan and identify weight set

Audit Trail Option: Enable ISO 17025 compliance

Validation Handbook: Simple and effective laboratory validation




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