Webinar – Thermo-Optical Analysis (TOA) with Hot-Stage Microscopy - METTLER TOLEDO
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Webinar – Thermo-Optical Analysis (TOA) with Hot-Stage Microscopy

On Request

TOA Is a Method for the Study of Thermally-Induced Phase Transitions

Thermo-optical analysis (TOA) with hot-stage systems is a widely used technique, which can be combined with DSC. TOA permits visual observation of the physical changes produced in a sample as a function of temperature or time. Combined with DSC, heat flow can be simultaneously recorded for a more comprehensive analysis.

In this webinar, we will explain how DSC and Flash DSC can be used to analyze the crystallization behavior of semi-crystalline polymers.

25:17 min

In this web-based seminar (webinar), we will present Thermo-Optical Analysis (TOA), also known as hot-stage microscopy, and some typical applications in the field of specialty chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Important characteristics measured in such compounds are melting and crystallization behavior, thermal and oxidative stability, and specific heat capacity and purity. These aspects can be investigated with just a few mg of sample using thermal analysis techniques such as DSC and TOA.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Principles of TOA and hot-stage microscopy
  • Principles of DSC
  • Hot-stage systems
  • Measurement possibilities
  • Why use hot-stage microscopy?
  • Industries and applications
  • Applications
  • Summary
  • More information

We also offer on demand webinars (also called webcasting or broadcasting) at www.mt.com/ta-on-demand
More information about thermal analysis Instrumentation and software can be found at www.mt.com/ta.