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Application Method

Thermal Analysis Automation Application

Application Method

Prevent Changes in Sample Moisture Content before Analysis

Thermal Analysis Automation
Thermal Analysis Automation

Prior to measurement, samples may lose volatile components such as moisture, or conversely, if hygroscopic, absorb moisture. Our application note shows how to solve this problem using the automatic crucible-lid piercer on the TGA or DSC sample robot.


TGA and DSC Sample Robot with Automatic Lid Piercer

Any TGA or DSC module can be fitted with a sample robot, enabling automatic crucible-lid piercing immediately before the measurement starts. This prevents unwanted changes in mass while the sample is waiting on the robot turntable.

Sample robot features include:

  • 24/7 operation
  • Processing of up to 34 samples
  • Universal crucible gripper
  • Automatic lid piercing or removal system

Discover the lid piercing automation solution in our free application note.



DSC Sample Robot

TGA Sample Robot